This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

January 29, 2003

Long Island Project and GE Wind Turbines Boost U.S. Offshore Wind Prospects

The likelihood of offshore wind power developments in the United States improved in late January, thanks to separate actions taken by the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) and Cape Wind Associates, LLC.

LIPA, acting on a previous study, requested proposals for an offshore wind power plant that would produce 100 to 140 megawatts of power. The utility has identified its preferred location, a five-square-mile area about 2.5 miles south of Jones Beach near the western end of the island. LIPA is prepared to enter into a 15- to 20-year power purchase agreement for the power produced by such a facility, which the utility hopes would be operational by late 2007. LIPA would also build the undersea cable to connect the facility to its electrical grid. Proposals are due on May 1st. See the LIPA press release and request for proposals.

LIPA's wind power proposal is supported by a coalition of 30 environmental, civic, and faith-based groups based on Long Island. See the Long Island Offshore Wind Initiative Web site.

In Massachusetts, Cape Wind Associates may have improved its chances of building a wind power project in Nantucket Sound by selecting GE Wind Power's new 3.6-megawatt wind turbine for the proposed project. The huge generating capacity of the new turbine allows Cape Wind to decrease the number of proposed turbines from 170 to 130, reducing the impact on Nantucket Sound. It also increases the distance of the wind facility from shore. See the press releases from Cape Wind and GE Wind Power (PDF 106 KB). Download Acrobat Reader.

Meanwhile, another potential developer of offshore wind power, Winergy LLC, has been gradually narrowing its list of potential wind power projects. The company has eliminated three proposed projects in Virginia and one in Maryland, so its project list now includes 15 proposed sites that, if developed, would total 8,931 megawatts of generating capacity. See the Winergy Web site.