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January 29, 2003

Massachusetts and New Jersey Revise Clean Energy Programs

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney gave the state's Renewable Energy Trust Fund a new direction on January 22nd, announcing his plan to use the fund to encourage economic development while supporting renewable energy technologies. The governor awarded $9 million to five renewable energy companies and established a new $15-million Green Energy Fund to provide equity capital, loans, and management assistance to the state's renewable energy businesses. Bob Pozen, the governor's chief of commerce and labor, said states such as New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are in direct competition with Massachusetts for economic expansions by fast-growing renewable energy companies. The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC) manages the Renewable Energy Trust Fund. See the MTC press release.

Speaking of New Jersey, the state's Board of Public Utilities (BPU) launched the New Jersey Clean Energy Program in early January by approving $2.7 million to develop renewable energy markets, businesses, and technologies within the state. The program will award the funds by a competitive solicitation. The BPU also approved nearly $6 million in funds for three renewable energy projects: a 5.7-megawatt landfill gas facility, a nearly 3-megawatt sludge digester at a wastewater treatment facility, and a 5- to 7-megawatt wind power installation at the Atlantic County Utilities Authority in Atlantic City. See the BPU press releases about the $2.7 million solicitation (PDF 16 KB) and the three funded projects (PDF 18 KB). Download Acrobat Reader.

The BPU chose to form the New Jersey Clean Energy Program in December by revamping the former utility-run Comprehensive Resource Analysis program, creating a Clean Energy Council to administer the program, and initiating a new program to offer rebates on compact fluorescent lights and energy efficient air conditioners. The BPU also launched a pilot weatherization program for senior citizens living in all-electric homes. See the BPU press release (PDF 19 KB).