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December 17, 2002

North America to Unify Energy Efficiency Standards in 2003

A new report by the North American Energy Working Group (NAEWG) finds that the three North American countries are quickly moving toward unified standards for energy efficiency. The report, "North American Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling," was released on December 17th and highlights Mexico's recent adoption of new standards for energy efficiency. By early 2003, those new standards will bring Mexico in line with U.S. and Canadian minimum energy-efficiency requirements and test procedures for refrigerators, freezers, electric motors, and window air-conditioners, thereby strengthening the market for high-efficiency products throughout North America.

The report is the second from the NAEWG, a group of senior energy officials from Canada, the United States, and Mexico, with U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham representing the United States. NAEWG was formed after U.S. President George W. Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Jean ChrTtien and Mexican President Vicente Fox committed in April 2001 to expanding energy trade among the three nations and strengthening the energy market in North America. NAEWG is currently examining a broad range of issues, including energy science and technology, natural gas trade and interconnections, critical infrastructure protection and electricity regulatory issues. See the DOE press release or go directly to the full report (PDF 550 KB). Download Acrobat Reader.