This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

December 11, 2002

DOE Awards $4.4 Million for Energy-Saving Technologies

DOE awarded a total of $4.4 million on December 11th to 18 organizations for the development of energy-saving products and industrial processes. DOE selected the awardees from 200 proposals submitted to two programs: the National Industrial Competitiveness through Energy, Environment and Economics (NICE3) initiative and the Inventions and Innovation (I&I) program.

The NICE3 initiative awarded more than $2.5 million to five organizations. The awardees will develop the use of near-infrared sensors for testing veneer wood strength before it dries, thereby saving energy costs and reducing wastes; examine a technology that allows better control of presses to form parts from sheet metal, avoiding unnecessary sheet-metal wastes; scale-up a manufacturing process for a novel type of rechargeable battery; demonstrate a new process for converting biomass to pulp; and examine acid-catalyzed hydrolysis, which is used to break down biomass into simpler chemicals.

The I&I program awarded 13 organizations up to $200,000 each to develop a wide variety of energy-related inventions. The awardees will examine a wide range of technologies, including ways to convert wastes into useful products, new processes for making ethanol and fuel gas, high-efficiency dehumidifiers for air conditioners, and advanced processing technologies for making "smart" electrochromic windows. See the DOE press release as well as the full list of awardees (PDF 78 KB). Download Acrobat Reader.

For more information on these DOE programs, see the NICE3 and I&I home pages.