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December 04, 2002

Coleman Powermate Launches Fuel-Cell-Powered Generator

Coleman Powermate, a leading producer of portable power systems and backup power systems, took a major step toward commercializing fuel cell systems for everyday use on December 3rd, as it launched a portable power generator that draws on a fuel cell. The AirGen fuel cell generator is built around a 1-kilowatt Nexa power module, which uses a Ballard fuel cell. The generators are now available for online purchase by industrial users with access to hydrogen cylinders; Coleman Powermate plans to expand to residential and commercial markets in the near future. The units sell for $5,995, but the first 50 sold in California will earn a $1,000 rebate, thanks in part to the California Air Resources Board. See the new AirGen Web site.

New Jersey gained a 200-kilowatt fuel cell system in late October. A $710,000 rebate from the New Jersey Clean Energy Program and a $200,000 rebate from the U.S. Department of Defense helped make the installation affordable to Merck & Company, Inc., which will use it as a supplemental power source. UTC Fuel Cells provided the system. See the UTC Fuel Cells press release.

If Allied Business Intelligence (ABI) is right, we won't be reporting on such installations much longer, because there will be too many of them! According to an ABI study released in late November, the global generating capacity from fuel cells will grow from today's 45 megawatts to 16,000 megawatts in 2012—more than 350 times today's capacity. See the ABI press release (PDF 126 KB). Download Acrobat Reader.