This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

November 20, 2002

EIA Updates State Information on Solar and Wind Energy Use

DOE's Energy Information Administration (EIA) released its year 2000 data for solar and wind energy use on November 12th. The EIA table lists consumption of both of the renewable energy sources by end-use sector-industrial, electric utilities, and residential-for each state.

According to the EIA table, California led the states in power production from solar and wind sources-in fact, it is listed as the only U.S. state that used a significant amount of solar power. For wind power, California was trailed by Minnesota, Texas, Iowa, and Wyoming. Together, these five states accounted 97.9 percent of all U.S. use of wind power.

The picture is different for thermal uses of solar energy, that is, for solar water heating and other uses: Florida leads that category, followed closely by California. And despite the potential cost-effective use of this technology across the United States, those two states are estimated to comprise 80 percent of the total U.S. use of solar thermal energy. See the Solar and Wind Energy Consumption Table on the EIA Web site.