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October 23, 2002

DOE National Laboratories Garner 24 "R&D 100" Awards

DOE national laboratories contributed to 24 of the year's top 100 practical applications of science, according to R&D Magazine, which presented its 40th annual "R&D 100" awards on October 16th. The awards encompass all industries and are conferred only upon leading-edge products of technical significance that are currently available to license or purchase. Of the nine DOE national laboratories that earned awards, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory garnered the most accolades, having contributed to six of the winning entries. Descriptions of all 100 awardees were published in the September edition of R&D Magazine.

A number of this year's R&D 100 awards relate to energy efficiency and renewable energy, including a translucent solar module developed by BP Solar and DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL); a hybrid electric engine developed by Toyota Motor Corporation; a supercapacitor with the energy density of a battery, developed by Telcordia Technologies, Inc.; a technology for removing carbon dioxide from landfill gas, developed by Acrion Technologies, Inc.; a soybean-based plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride plastics, developed by Battelle and the Ohio Soybean Council; and a corrosion-resistant coating for carbon steel tubing in geothermal power plants, developed by NREL, DOE's Brookhaven National Laboratory, Bob Curran & Sons Corporation, and Ticona Corporation. Of particular interest is a high-throughput production process for solar cells, developed by AstroPower, Inc. The company produces its APx-8 solar cells using a lower-quality silicon at a production rate of 3.1 meters per minute. According to the award, the next best competitor's production rate is only 0.02 meters per minute. See the R&D Magazine link above, the AstroPower press release, and for further information on the two relevant NREL awards, see the NREL press release.

As R&D Magazine celebrates the 40th anniversary of its R&D 100 awards, DOE is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month. See the DOE press release.

October is also Energy Awareness Month, and DOE has named this year's theme "A Secure Energy Future: Conserve Energy to Ensure Affordable, Reliable Power Supplies." See the announcement from DOE's Federal Energy Management Program.