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October 01, 2002

DOE Grants to Help Meet U.S. Goal of One Million Solar Roofs

DOE awarded $1.5 million on October 1st to 30 new partnerships that are promoting the installation of solar power systems in 19 states. The new partnerships, part of DOE's Million Solar Roofs Initiative (MSRI), boost the total number of MSRI partnerships to 67 and push the number of pledges to build solar roofs up to the initiative's goal of one million.

The Million Solar Roofs Initiative was announced before the United Nations Session on Environment and Development in June 1997. Under the program, DOE is establishing partnerships with business, government and community-based organizations at the local, regional and national levels to promote the development of solar energy. The new partnerships will combine DOE grants with private funds, allowing the partners to conduct a variety of activities, ranging from working with local and regional home builders, to constructing solar roofs on new homes, to developing new financing options with local lending institutions. See the DOE press release and the Million Solar Roofs Web site.