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September 18, 2002

EIA Anticipates Higher Fuel Bills This Winter

Fall begins on September 23rd, so the time is right to look ahead to this winter's heating bills. DOE's Energy Information Administration (EIA) gave a preview of its winter outlook in this month's "Short-Term Energy Outlook," and while the news isn't too bad, it's not good, either. EIA expects a colder winter and higher demand to cause this winter's energy bills to be higher than last winter's. Illustrative numbers provided by the EIA report show that a Midwest user of natural gas might pay 17 percent more for energy this coming winter; those using propane might pay 21 percent more. And those fuel-oil-burners in the Northeast could see a 42 percent increase in their energy bills.

The report predicts sharp increases in demand for natural gas this winter, but thanks to large inventories of natural gas in storage, this is not expected to cause drastic spikes in energy prices. See the EIA report.

Want to buck the trend? Try making energy efficiency improvements to your home to minimize your energy bills. See the Energy Savers "Hot Winter Tips" on the EREN Web site.