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September 11, 2002

Toyota Prius Sales Increase; All Hybrids Earn Tax Credit

Recent sales data released by Toyota Motor Sales indicate that the Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle is growing rapidly in popularity. Toyota announced on September 4th that the Prius sedan's August sales have increased 29.2 percent over the year before, while the year-to-date sales are up 34.8 percent over last year's sales for the same period. With sales of 13,216 vehicles so far this year, the Prius is rivaling many of the Lexus models for total sales, while among all Toyota/Lexus vehicles, only sales of the Lexus ES 300 and Toyota Highlander are growing more rapidly than the Prius. See the Toyota press release.

August sales of the Prius may have been boosted by an August 12th IRS announcement certifying the Prius as eligible for a $2,000 clean-burning fuel deduction (PDF 86 KB). Download Acrobat Reader. Last week, the IRS announced that an equal certification was extended to the Honda Insight and Civic Hybrid (PDF 111 KB). The certifications follow a May 21st IRS announcement that proclaimed hybrid vehicles as eligible for the deduction but left open the question of whether the vehicles were eligible for the full deduction (PDF 110 KB). Honda and Toyota had to document the added cost of the hybrid systems to earn the certification.