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September 04, 2002

Canada's Intent to Ratify the Kyoto Accord Boosts its Chances

Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien surprised the World Summit on Sustainable Development on September 2nd when he announced Canada's intention to submit the Kyoto Accord to the Canadian Parliament for a vote on ratification before the end of the year. Prime Minister Chretien noted that Canada is finalizing a plan of implementation to meet the objectives of the global warming treaty and will proceed with the ratification vote once that process is finished. See the Prime Minister's address.

The announcement increases the chances that the treaty could go into effect. If Canada ratifies the Kyoto Accord, only Russia's ratification is needed for the treaty to enter into force. However, Russia continues to waver in its stance on ratification. See the United Nation's "Kyoto Thermometer".

Although the World Summit largely avoided the subject of the Kyoto Protocol, the draft Plan of Implementation does include a brief mention, urging countries that have not yet ratified the treaty to do so in a timely manner. See page 21 of the draft plan (PDF 472 KB). Download Acrobat Reader.