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September 04, 2002

World Summit Plan Promotes Renewable Energy Without a Set Target

Government delegates at the World Summit on Sustainable Development reached agreement on September 2nd on a Plan of Implementation that includes measures to promote renewable energy. Although the plan calls for countries to act "with a sense of urgency" to substantially increase the global use of renewable energy, and also commits to phase out subsidies for non-sustainable energy sources, it fails to set a specific renewable energy target. The debate over whether to include a target was one of the most contentious during the summit.

"The issue of a target for renewable energy was a worthwhile goal," said Summit Secretary-General Nitin Desai, "but the reality is that with sustained action, we can build up the renewable energy industries to the point where they have the critical mass to compete with fossil fuel-generated energy. We have a commitment to make it happen and now we need the follow-through."

See the United Nations press releases from September 2nd (PDF 137 KB) and September 3rd (PDF 118 KB). Download Acrobat Reader.

Delegates officially adopted the draft Plan of Implementation on September 4th, during the final session of the summit. See the draft plan on the summit's Document Web page.

See also the final press release from the World Summit (PDF 118 KB).