This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

June 26, 2002

DOE Awards $79 Million for Energy Efficiency and Home Weatherization

DOE announced on June 26th its award of $44.5 million for state energy efficiency programs, plus an award of $34.5 million to Colorado, Illinois, and Pennsylvania for home weatherization programs.

A total of $44,535,000 will go to all states, territories, and the District of Columbia under DOE's State Energy Program (SEP). Each state's energy office administers the funds, which are used to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy. The state projects include such tasks as improving lighting standards for public buildings, promoting carpools and public transportation, developing procurement practices that include energy efficiency, improving the energy efficiency of homes and businesses, financing energy efficiency improvements, educating the public about energy efficiency, and addressing issues such as urban sprawl. See the DOE press release.

DOE awarded an additional $34,464,828 in weatherization assistance funds to the states of Colorado, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. The funds will be used to improve the energy efficiency of the homes of low-income families in the state. Weatherization reduces an average home's energy cost by $218 each year. For every dollar spent, DOE's Weatherization Assistance Program returns $1.80 in energy savings over the life of the weatherized home, based on recent energy prices. See the DOE press release.

Both the State Energy Program and the Weatherization Assistance Program are part of DOE's new "Weatherization and Intergovernmental Program," one of 11 main programs within DOE's reorganized Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.