This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

June 05, 2002

Green Power Coming to Upstate New York, North Carolina

Innovative new agreements for the marketing of green power — electricity from renewable energy sources — are opening new markets in upstate New York and in North Carolina.

The New York Public Service Commission approved in late May a program that allows Niagara Mohawk customers to purchase renewable energy from independent green power marketers. Beginning in August or September, at least two companies — Green Mountain Energy Company and Community Energy, Inc. — will offer green power products to the utility's 1.5 million electric customers in upstate New York.

The green power agreement between renewable energy companies, environmental groups, and Niagara Mohawk resulted from the Commission's recent approval of the merger of Niagara Mohawk and National Grid. See the press releases from Niagara Mohawk and the American Wind Energy Association.

A similar agreement is expected to bring green power to the entire state of North Carolina. The proposed "NC GreenPower Program" will allow utility customers throughout the state to pay an additional $4 per month for a 100-kilowatt-hour block of renewable energy. The funds will be collected by the state's utilities and transferred to the NC Advanced Energy Corporation, which will use them to support the production of electricity from renewable energy resources such as solar, wind, biomass, and small hydroelectric facilities. The proposed program is a culmination of a collaborative effort among the state's electric utilities, state agencies, and other parties. The utilities expect to offer the program to their customers beginning six months after approval from the North Carolina Utility Commission. Toward that end, utilities began submitting their proposals to the commission in late May. See the press releases from CP&L and Duke Energy.