This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

April 24, 2002

Bid on a Toyota Prius, the Top-Selling HEV, for Earth Day

Toyota Motor Sales and eBay, the popular internet-based auction site, have a new way for you to support Earth Day: bid on a Toyota Prius. The high bidder takes home a low- emissions, high-mileage hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), and the proceeds go to the Earth Day Network. Toyota donated the vehicle, which has an average retail value of $21,897. Bids close on Saturday; at press time, the high bid was $21,550. Sorry, the Prius can only be delivered within the United States. See the eBay Web site.

According to the Earth Day Network, nearly 800 Earth Day events occurred across the United States on Monday. See the April 11th press release on the Earth Day Network.

Toyota has reason to be proud of its achievements: the company announced on Earth Day that its cumulative global sales of hybrid vehicles have topped 100,000. Customers in more than 20 countries have purchased more than 89,000 Priuses, while the company's lineup in Japan has expanded to include a hybrid electric sport utility vehicle and minivan. Combined, the company's sales give it a 90 percent share of the hybrid electric vehicle market. See the Toyota press release.

The Prius, of course, has new competition in the form of the Honda Civic Hybrid. According to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), the new Civic Hybrid earns the same "green score" for emissions and efficiency as the Prius. The Honda Insight is still in first place. See the ACEEE press release.

See the latest rankings.

For more information on the Civic Hybrid, see the new Honda Web site.

Need to know more about hybrid vehicles? See the new "Frequently Asked Questions" page on the Web site for DOE's Hybrid Electric Vehicle Program.