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April 17, 2002

New Superconductor Wire Manufacturing Plant Starts Test Run

American Superconductor Corporation announced yesterday that it is starting to run production tests at its new manufacturing facility for high-temperature superconductor (HTS) wire. The tests will validate the company's new manufacturing process and allow engineers to fine-tune the equipment as the plant is prepared for commercial production. The facility, located in Devens, Massachusetts, is the first high-volume commercial manufacturing plant for HTS wire and will eventually be capable of producing 12,000 miles of HTS wire each year. The company expects to begin producing commercial HTS wire at the plant by year-end.

HTS wires carry up to 140 times the current carried by copper wires and experience lower energy losses. They have wide-ranging applications for electric generators, transformers, motors, and cables. See the April 16th press release on the American Superconductor Web site.