This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

April 10, 2002

Portland Slated for Wind Turbine Plant to Meet High Demand

Vestas Wind Systems A/S, a Danish manufacturer of wind turbines, announced last week that it will build a new wind turbine manufacturing facility in Portland, Oregon, to meet its growing North American market. The new facility will manufacture wind blades and towers and will assemble nacelles, the part of the turbine that houses the generator, drive mechanisms, and controls. Capable of producing 300 utility-scale turbines per year, the facility should start production in mid-2003 and reach full capacity by early 2004. See the Vestas press release.

Vestas made the announcement following its receipt of an order for 175 of its 660-kilowatt wind turbines from FPL Energy, LLC. The order calls for delivery of the turbines this year and next and includes an option for an additional 650 turbines. According to Vestas, the order has a value of about $59 million initially and as much as $272 million if the option is exercised. FPL Energy plans to build up to 2,000 megawatts of new wind power capacity by the end of 2003. See the FPL Energy press release.

FPL Energy is the developer, owner, and operator of the 263-megawatt Stateline Energy Center, a wind project that began full operation in December 2001 and was dedicated last week. See the FPL Energy press release.

The Vestas news may spur some additional interest in the Second Environmental Summit on the West, to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, on April 24-26. Sponsored by the Western Governor's Association (WGA) and the White House Council on Environmental Quality, the summit will include a half-day breakout session on expanding the use of renewable energy resources in the West. Western governors will be joined by White House dignitaries at the event. See the WGA announcement.