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April 03, 2002

DOE Awards $74.7 Million for Home Weatherization

DOE announced last week its award of nearly $74.7 million in weatherization assistance funds to 24 states plus the Navajo Nation. The funds will be used to improve the energy efficiency of the homes of low-income families in the states and within the Navajo Nation. The program provides energy audits to identify the most cost-effective measures for each home, which typically include adding insulation, reducing air infiltration, servicing the heating and cooling systems, and providing health and safety diagnostic services. For every dollar spent, DOE's Weatherization Assistance Program returns $1.80 in energy savings over the life of the weatherized home, based on recent energy prices. Since theprogram's inception, more than five million homes have been weatherized. See the DOE press release

The Navajo Nation is the largest federally recognized Indian tribe in the United States. It includes roughly a quarter million people, of which an estimated 180,000 live in Navajoland, or "Dine Bikeyah," which covers more than 27,000 square miles in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. See the Navajo Nation Washington Office full profile.