This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

April 02, 2002

High-Tech Firms to Investigate Distributed Energy Resources

DOE announced last week its award of $9 million to five industry teams to conduct research, development, and testing of distributed energy resources in the data processing and telecommunications industries. Among the data center projects, the Durst Organization will combine gas turbine generators and steam-driven absorption chillers to provide highly reliable electricity and cooling for a new data center in Manhattan. (Located on West 57th Street, it was the first major commercial real estate project to get underway in New York since the events of September 11th.) Honeywell will also use an absorption chiller in a data center at the University of Miami, but will combine it with five microturbines. And Sure Power Corporation will develop its own approach for highly reliable data center energy needs and install it at an Exodus Internet data center near Seattle, Washington. Meanwhile, the Electric Power Research Institute's Power Electronics Applications Center (EPRI-PEAC) will develop a methodology to help end users, such as these data centers, compare the value of DER technologies with traditional power management options. See the DOE press release.

But let's not forget Verizon Communications Inc., which will represent the telecommunications industry with a project to install multiple fuel cells and reciprocating engine generators at a critical call-routing center in New York. The project was mentioned in the Energy Star article in last week's EREN Network News.