This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

March 06, 2002

New Commercial Building Energy Codes Take Effect in Seattle

New building energy codes for commercial buildings went into effect in Seattle, Washington, last week. The new codes exceed national energy efficiency standards by nearly 20 percent. Although revisions were only made to the equipment requirements for commercial buildings (for instance, the heating and ventilating systems), a much broader revision of the energy codes for residential buildings will go into effect in July. That revision - the most significant since 1991 - mandates high-efficiency windows as well as insulation R-values ranging from 21 in the walls to 38 in the ceilings. See the City of Seattle Web site.

How do builders achieve such efficiency standards affordably? This question will be tackled at the 2002 Affordable Comfort Conference, an annual conference to advance building performance. DOE is part sponsor of this year's event, which takes place in Cincinnati, Ohio. See the Affordable Comfort Web site.