This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

January 09, 2002

Large Wind Power Plants Planned for Nebraska, West Virginia

Although the fate of the production tax credit remains in doubt, wind plant developers are pushing ahead with plans to develop large wind facilities in Nebraska and West Virginia.

In Nebraska, the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN) intends to install a 30-megawatt wind facility in Kimball County, located near the Colorado and Wyoming borders. MEAN received approval to build the wind plant from the Nebraska Power Review Board in late December. See the MEAN press release.

In West Virginia, a 65-megawatt wind facility is being developed in Tucker County, near the western border of Maryland. Backbone Mountain Windpower LLC plans to complete the project by December 2002. The company announced in late December its signing of a 20-year agreement for Exelon Power Team to purchase the power from the wind plant. See the Exelon press release.

The Backbone Mountain Wind Project may be dwarfed by a wind facility planned just east of there, in Grant County, West Virginia. US Wind Force, LLC plans to build a wind plant with a capacity of 150 to 250 megawatts over a 20-square-mile area near the town of Mt. Storm. The West Virginia Public Service Commission is currently considering a permit for the project. See the US Wind Force Web site.

While some choose to build, others choose to buy: American Electric Power bought the 160-megawatt Indian Mesa Wind Power Project from Enron Wind Corporation in late December. See the Enron Wind press release.

Enron Wind, by the way, has thus far been unaffected by the financial problems of its parent company, Enron Corporation, which has filed for Chapter 11 reorganization. Enron Wind is not listed in the Chapter 11 filings, although Enron has announced its intentions to sell its "non-core" businesses. See the Enron Web site.