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January 09, 2002

New Large U.S. Wind Power Plants Go Online at Year End

A flurry of wind power plants went online in December throughout the United States, significantly boosting the total U.S. wind power capacity. The new wind power plants include the 30-megawatt Fenner Windpower Project near Syracuse, New York; the 80-megawatt Top of Iowa Wind Farm in Worth County, Iowa; the 263-megawatt Stateline Clean Energy Center near Walla Walla, Washington; and the 278-megawatt King Mountain Clean Energy Center near Odessa, Texas.

FPL Energy, LLC developed the two largest facilities, in Washington and Texas. See the company's press release.

For information about the Fenner Windpower Project in New York, see the CHI Energy, Inc. Web site.

The end-of-the-year rush to bring new wind plants online is far from coincidental: wind plants that beat the year-end deadline will qualify for a tax credit of 1.5 cents per kilowatt-hour of electricity produced for their first ten years of operation. The production tax credit is adjusted for inflation, and now stands at 1.7 cents per year. But the tax credit expired at year end, and a two-year extension of the credit has thus far failed to make it through Congress. For more information, see the American Wind Energy Association Web site.