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March 16, 2016

Mid-Winter Check In and Getting Ready for Spring

By Drew Bittner, EERE writer/editor

Here in Washington, D.C., the days have been cold and rainy lately. I think we’re all ready to put the worst of winter behind us in one cold-and-flu-filled bundle. That means now is a good time to think about getting ready for spring.

Tips for Closing out Winter Comfortably

On the Energy Saver website, you can find many tips for making your home more energy efficient as long as the cooler temperatures last. One strategy I’ve used at my condo is covering my windows with clear plastic films in the winter to cut down on drafts. It is easy to do, inexpensive, and—most importantly—it works!

Another strategy we use during winter is keeping the thermostat turned a few degrees lower than usual while we're away during the day. Not only does it reduce the amount of energy we use, but it’s also less of a shock to the system to come into a hot home from the cold outdoors. Plus, it's a simple step that can save as much as 10% a year on heating and cooling.

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