This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

February 10, 2016

City and State Partners Announced in the Better Buildings SEED Platform Collaborative

As part of the Better Buildings Initiative, the Energy Department on February 4 announced 12 new partnerships with cities, counties, and states to unlock the power of building energy performance data; the goal is to inform decision making on energy efficiency opportunities in local communities. Through the Standard Energy Efficiency Data (SEED) Platform Collaborative, these partners will improve the quality and consistency of building energy data, fostering community-wide support to increase the value and use of building energy performance information.

The increase of building energy data available in the marketplace has created a need for standardized, interoperable tools to assist stakeholders in streamlining and analyzing data in order to inform their policy and business decisions. Each three-year partnership supports improved building energy performance data and identification of opportunities for efficiency improvements in their jurisdictions.

For example, Atlanta, Georgia, will use the SEED Platform to help manage incoming building energy data for their second benchmarking compliance deadline. Berkeley, California, will collect and store data from their Building Energy Saving Ordinance for all buildings, and that database will connect to other local database systems. See the Energy Department news release.