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February 10, 2016

Utilities Bringing More Solar Energy to Families and Businesses

By Solar Energy Technologies Office Director Lidija Sekaric

As we work to make solar energy affordable for more Americans each day, we want to celebrate organizations that often don’t get adequate praise: electric utility companies. The SunShot Initiative works with utilities across the country on innovative projects that help generate, integrate, and distribute solar energy throughout the grid. Without this work, those solar-powered electrons would never make it to your home or business. In fact, recently we announced $18 million in funding for projects that will work with utilities to demonstrate storage solutions that would enable hundreds of gigawatts of additional solar energy to be added to the grid.

Storage allows utilities to regulate the amount of solar energy entering the grid, acting as an intelligent buffer that enables utilities to manage when and how solar is added. These six projects each have a utility partner, or a utility lead, to demonstrate the proposed solution for at least a year. Working closely with these utilities ensures that the projects will have impact and scalability so that other utilities can incorporate the lessons into their future plans.

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