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August 13, 2014

New National Clean Fleets Partners Build New Roads to Sustainability

From picking up our recyclables to fixing our cable, vehicle fleets help keep our society running—and an increasing number are doing so sustainably. The Energy Department’s National Clean Fleets Partnership helps the country’s largest vehicle fleets reduce their petroleum use by switching to alternative fuels, adopting advanced technology vehicles, reducing their idling, and implementing other fuel saving techniques. As part of the Clean Cities program, which works with nearly 100 local coalitions, the National Clean Fleets Partnership complements the coalitions’ regional efforts to reduce petroleum in transportation. At a recent event organized by the Iowa and Twin Cities coalitions, the Energy Department welcomed three new fleets to the Partnership: Republic Services, Time Warner Cable, and CHS.

With more than 2,200 waste and recycling vehicles already running on alternative fuels, Republic Services is off to a great start. The company also demonstrated leadership in the sustainability field through the construction of Idaho’s first public compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station. Republic is currently constructing CNG fueling stations in Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, and North Carolina. By connecting Republic to similar fleets, mapping out potential station locations, and providing other technical assistance, the National Clean Fleets Partnership hopes to help Republic Services meet its goal of having more than 2,500 trucks running on alternative fuel by 2015. For the complete story, see the EERE Blog.