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May 14, 2014

Better Buildings Challenge Grows by 1 Billion Square Feet

The Energy Department announced on May 9 that Better Buildings Challenge partners are on track to meet their energy performance goals in their second year, saving approximately $100 million a year. The Department also announced that 26 new partners and seven financial allies—including Wal-Mart, General Mills, the City of San Diego, Jonathan Rose Companies, Hannon Armstrong, and Enterprise Community Partners—have committed to improving energy efficiency across more than 1 billion square feet of building space.

This year, some partners—including the University of California at Irvine, Best Buy, Legrand, and Cummins—not only hit their energy saving goals but also pledged to continue to increase their energy efficiency, and four financial allies have surpassed their original financing commitment—including AFL-CIO, Citi, Energi, and Green Campus Partners.

Across the country, Better Buildings Challenge partners are deploying energy-efficiency projects at more than 9,000 facilities. Of these, more than 2,100 buildings have improved energy efficiency by at least 20%, while another 4,500 have improved energy efficiency by at least 10%, compared to their baseline years. Better Buildings Challenge financial allies have also extended more than $1.7 billion in private financing for building-efficiency improvements reaching 97% of their collective goal. See the Energy Department news release and the Better Buildings Challenge website.