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April 09, 2014

Energy Department Invests $3 Million to Advance Fuel Cell Market

The Energy Department on April 8 awarded more than $3 million to Connecticut-based FuelCell Energy for a project that could increase U.S. competitiveness in the fuel cell market and give businesses more affordable, cleaner power options. This project will enhance the performance, increase the lifespan, and decrease the cost of stationary fuel cells being used for distributed generation and combined heat and power applications.

With support from the Energy Department, the private sector and the Department's national laboratories have significantly reduced costs and improved performance in fuel cell and hydrogen technologies. Building on this progress, the project awarded to FuelCell Energy will focus on developing an innovative carbonate fuel cell electrolyte matrix, which promises enhanced cell output and the doubling of service life, which will reduce the costs and enhance the market for efficient, clean fuel cell power. In addition, the project will look for more opportunities to reduce costs through greater production by incorporating manufacturing process improvements.

Learn how fuel cell technology generates clean electricity from hydrogen to power U.S. buildings and transportation in the Energy 101: Fuel Cell Technology video. The video—shot in part at FuelCell Energy—illustrates the fundamentals of fuel cell technology and its potential to supply our homes, offices, industries, and vehicles with sustainable, reliable energy. See the Energy Department news release.