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December 18, 2013

Energy Department Invests $7 Million to Commercialize Fuel Cells

The Energy Department on December 17 announced more than $7 million for projects that will help bring cost-effective, advanced hydrogen and fuel cell technologies online faster. This investment—across four projects in Georgia, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee—will increase U.S. leadership in fuel cell-powered vehicles and backup power systems, and give businesses more affordable, cleaner transportation and power options.

The projects awarded will help further reduce the cost of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, expand fueling infrastructure and build a strong domestic supply chain in the United States. The Atlanta, Georgia-based Center for Transportation and the Environment will develop a fuel cell hybrid electric walk-in delivery van with a 150-mile range per fueling and retrofit 15 UPS delivery vans with fuel cell hybrid power trains. Memphis, Tennessee-based FedEx Express will develop a hydrogen fuel cell delivery truck with a range of up to 150 miles per fueling and test 20 of these trucks at FedEx facilities in Tennessee and California. Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., of Allentown, Pennsylvania, and Structural Composites Industries will develop a cost-effective tube trailer for hydrogen delivery and storage that can withstand high pressures. And Sprint of Overland Park, Kansas, will deploy fuel cell-powered backup power systems for rooftop telecommunications equipment. See the Energy Department Progress Alert.