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January 11, 2012

Alternative Fuel Vehicles Roll in Detroit Auto Show

Photo of a sleek new automobile.

The 2013 Ford Fusion has three versions: gasoline, hybrid, and an all-new plug-in hybrid that Ford says gets more than the equivalent of 100 MPG.
Credit: Ford Motor Company

Alternative fuel vehicles are sharing the spotlight at the annual North American International Auto Show—also known as the 2012 Detroit auto show—which opened on January 7 in Detroit, Michigan. Ford, General Motors, Nissan, and Honda are among carmakers featuring hybrids or electric vehicles (EV) and concept autos. The show runs through January 22.

In its hometown, the Ford Motor Company debuted the new Fusion, saying the model was the first sedan to offer gasoline, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid versions for top fuel economy. Also on its home turf, General Motors Corporation exhibited its Code 130R concept, a coupe designed so that a turbocharged engine will work in tandem with GM technology to shut off the engine at stops and recapture braking energy. Nissan showed its e-NV200 Concept, which has the drive train from its Nissan Leaf EV installed in a Nissan NV200 multi-use van. And Honda unveiled its 2013 Accord lineup, which will feature the Accord Sedan with a new two-motor plug-in hybrid system that moves continuously through three modes: all-electric, gasoline-electric, and direct-drive. See press releases from Ford, General Motors, Nissan, and Honda.

In addition, Energy Secretary Steven Chu is scheduled to address the Detroit Economic Club on January 11 as DOE highlights its support for U.S. auto industry innovation. DOE also released a new video, "Energy 101: Electric Vehicles", which showcases the benefits of EVs, including improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and lowered maintenance costs. See the DOE press release and visit YouTube to watch the Energy 101 video.