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October 05, 2011

Hydrogen Student Design Contest Inspires and Opens Doors

Since 2004, the Hydrogen Student Design Contest has challenged university students from across the globe to use their skills in design, engineering, economics, environmental science, business and marketing to devise innovative hydrogen energy applications for real-world use.

"You have to be innovative and you have to stretch yourself—it was a powerful experience for all of us," said Juliette Bohn, who, along with fellow team members from Humboldt State University, won the 2005 competition.

As part of the competition, which is co-sponsored by the DOE's Fuel Cell Technologies Program, the Humboldt State University design team submitted a proposal for a hydrogen power park that converts landfill gas to electricity, heat, and hydrogen vehicle fuel.

The team's proposal generated significant buzz at the competition. "We received a very good response, a lot of industry partners were interested in our design," said Juliette. There was so much interest that Chevron Corporation, along with Humboldt State's Schatz Energy Research Center, worked with the students to fund feasibility studies that allowed them to explore options for bringing their concept from design to implementation. See the Energy Blog post.