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September 21, 2011

GovEnergy 2011 Offers Energy Professionals Strategies for Reducing Energy Use

As President Obama has said, we in the federal government are the largest energy consumer in the United States, and as such, we have "a responsibility to American citizens to reduce our energy use and become more efficient. Our goal is to lower costs, reduce pollution, and shift federal energy expenses away from oil and towards local, clean energy."

That's why over 4,000 federal, private sector, and military energy professionals participated in GovEnergy last month in August—an annual trade show held in Cincinnati, Ohio, cosponsored by DOE along with several other government agencies. Reflecting the Administration's priority of government playing a lead role in securing a cleaner, safer, more secure energy future, the conference is designed to help federal employees meet their sustainability, energy security, and energy assurance goals for federal facilities. See the Energy Blog post.