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July 13, 2011

U.S. Firms Top New Renewable Energy Use Survey

Photo of three large wind turbines in snow-covered field.

Wind turbines are among the renewable sources providing energy to corporations, such as Whole Foods Market, which ranked first in a survey of wind-energy consumption.
Credit: Vestas

Three U.S. firms are among the world's leading corporate buyers of renewable energy, according to survey released on June 28 by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Whole Foods Market, Intel Corporation, and Kohl's Department Stores were cited in results that were part of the new Corporate Renewable Energy Index. Commissioned by Vestas Wind Systems, the index is designed to offer information about the types of energy used by major corporations.

Among the almost 1,000 companies surveyed, more than 100 responded with 2010 total energy consumption figures as well as data about renewable energy as a share of total energy consumption. The index also includes how corporations procure renewable energy, such as through renewable energy certificates. The renewable energy technologies included geothermal, solar, wind, hydro, and waste energy.

Chip-maker Intel procured 1,493 gigawatt hours of renewable energy in 2010. Kohl's ranked highest in terms of renewable procurement on a percentage basis, with 100.4% of its electricity coming from renewable energy, including extra purchases of renewable energy credits. Natural foods retailer Whole Foods Market was tops in wind-specific energy, with all of its electricity coming from this source. See the Vestas press release and the Bloomberg New Energy Finance survey.