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April 20, 2011

United States and Qatar Sign Clean Energy MOU

DOE and the Qatar Science & Technology Park signed on April 6 a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote collaboration on the development and deployment of cost-effective and sustainable clean energy technologies. The partners will exchange scientific and technical information and will undertake joint research, development, and deployment initiatives. These actions will help spur energy innovation, create new markets for clean energy, and support economic growth. The MOU builds on the historically strong ties between the two nations.

DOE, principally through the Advanced Research Projects Agency—Energy (ARPA-E) and the Qatar Science & Technology Park, will pursue cooperation in key areas including advanced cooling technologies such as next-generation cooling technologies, systems integration, and building controls; renewable power generation, including coating systems to reduce the effects of weather conditions on photovoltaic systems; and energy storage with an eye toward thermal storage for combined heat and power.

Over the next decade, the partners will work with the private sector to foster scientific exchanges and research on cutting-edge technologies, including using Qatari facilities as test beds for large-scale demonstration of U.S. and Qatari technologies. The data collected from these demonstrations will help further refine the development of these innovative technologies and could provide the partners with new capabilities to meet their respective energy goals for the future. This agreement will also serve to reinforce and complement joint U.S.-Qatar participation in multilateral partnerships to achieve clean energy development and shared climate change goals. See the DOE press release.