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April 20, 2011

DOE Launches Advanced Car Competition for Universities

Photo of a modern car in front of a building.

Teams will rebuild Chevrolet Malibus like this to lessen the environmental impact of the vehicles.
Credit: General Motors

DOE officially launched the EcoCar2 competition on April 13 and named the sixteen university teams that were selected to participate. EcoCar2: Plugging into the Future is an educational partnership between General Motors and DOE to help prepare future engineers for opportunities in clean energy and advanced vehicle industries.

EcoCAR 2 is a unique three-year collegiate engineering competition that challenges teams to reduce the environmental impact of an existing vehicle without compromising performance, safety, or consumer acceptability. The program's combination of cutting-edge engineering practices, hands-on experience, and knowledge sharing in a competitive and team-oriented environment gives participating students a head start toward future job success. Participants will go on to make contributions that will help keep the North American automotive industry competitive in the global market place, which is increasingly adopting fuel-efficient designs.

EcoCAR2 includes both new teams and veterans to the advanced vehicle technology competitions. These teams will explore a variety of power train architectures and follow a real-world engineering regimen modeled after GM's Global Vehicle Development Process (GVDP). Each EcoCar2 team will use a Chevrolet Malibu, donated by General Motors, as the integration platform for their advanced vehicle design. See the DOE press release and the EcoCAR Challenge website.