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March 09, 2011

Geneva International Show Spotlights Alternative Vehicles

Photo of a sporty car.

The sporty Nissan Esflow electric vehicle is among the alternative vehicles on display at the 2011 Geneva Motorshow .
Credit: Nissan

The 81st Geneva International Motor Show, running through March 13, is spotlighting electric vehicles (EV) and alternative vehicles. More than 40 manufacturers were scheduled to present their EVs and hybrids in the annual event in Switzerland. The show is highlighting alternative vehicles at its "Pavillon Vert" (Green Pavilion), where a variety of two- and four-wheel vehicles—including the Chevy Volt—as well as vehicle concepts are displayed. See the Geneva Motor Show press release and Geneva Motor show Pavillon Vert website.

Nissan unveiled the Esflow concept, a two-passenger sports car that builds on the technology of Nissan’s Leaf EV. The Esflow has two electric motors, each driving a rear wheel as well as laminated lithium-ion batteries mounted low for weight distribution. The automaker said the car could go about 150 miles per charge. Porsche unveiled the new Panamera S hybrid, saying it was one of the most economical Porsches ever. The Panamera S can use electric driving up to 53 mph. A V6 compressor engine is powered by an electric motor. And in a press conference, General Motors announced that the Chevy Volt hybrid would go on sale in Europe with a price of around $58,000, which the automaker said was adjusted to include transportation costs, duties, and other fees. See press releases by Nissan, Porsche, and GM.