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January 19, 2011

Fuel Cell Technologies to Power Transit Buses

From the sunny climates of Pasadena and Atlanta to the chill of Chicago winters, fuel cell buses will be getting a real-time test because of the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) National Fuel Cell Bus Program. The Center for Transportation and the Environment in Atlanta will receive $6.42 million and CALSTART in Pasadena, California, will receive $10.17 million to coordinate research among fuel cell manufacturers, engineering firms, and transit agencies throughout the country. Included in the funding will be money to demonstrate how a fuel cell bus operates in the harsh winters faced by Chicago's RTA fleet.

Other funded projects include an effort to develop a smaller, less costly and more durable fuel cell power system that will enable commercialization of U.S. fuel cell buses, and an effort to develop and demonstrate a lightweight highly efficient bus that incorporates an improved hybrid-electric drive and enhanced bus design. The purpose of the National Fuel Cell Bus Program is to facilitate the development of commercially viable fuel cell bus technologies and to increase public acceptance of the fuel cell vehicles. See the FTA press release and a list of funded fuel cell projects.