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January 19, 2011

FTA Boosts Seven Transit Projects with $182.4 Million

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced on December 27 that it is advancing a total of $182.4 million in "new starts" funding for seven transit projects already under construction in New York, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Northern Virginia. The grants being awarded will not increase the federal government's overall share in the projects. Rather, a portion of the federal share for each project is being paid earlier than expected because of unallocated funds in FTA's Fiscal Year 2010 budget for new construction.

The projects cover mass transit, such as light rail and commuter rail, including the 21-mile Dallas–Northwest/Southeast Light Rail extension, which opened December 3, 2010 and is to carry nearly 46,000 weekday riders by 2025. Another, the 3.5-mile New York–Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) East Side Access project, will use an existing rail tunnel under the East River to increase LIRR tunnel capacity across the East River and significantly relieve over-crowded conditions throughout the LIRR network, carrying more than 27,000 new transit riders by 2030. The project will cost a total of $8.4 billion, with a federal New Starts share of $2.6 billion. See the FTA press release and the list of projects.