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December 01, 2010

English College Team Drives Electric Car the Length of Americas

Photo of sleek racing car on a road with mountains in background.

The all-electric Imperial College car makes its way over the Pan-American Highway.
Credit: Imperial College

A team from London's Imperial College finished a 16,155-mile trip on November 16, after driving their all-electric car from Alaska to the tip of South America. The Racing Green Endurance (RGE) journey took 140 days and passed through 14 countries, using the Pan-American Highway before ending at Ushuaia, which is commonly regarded as the world's most southerly city.

Designers aimed to give the vehicle a top speed of 118 mph, with a typical range of 242 miles before needing an eight-hour charge. Radical Sportscars provided the RGE team with chassis and engineering support, while Thundersky supplied the 56-kWh battery pack. The project, which runs alongside the wider Imperial Racing Green initiative, attempted to raise awareness about low-carbon vehicle technologies and about how they could help to counter the effects of climate change. The team devoted half of their journey speaking to communities, media, and students. See the Imperial College press release.