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December 01, 2010

DOE Project to Get 20 Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell Vehicles

Photo of the Mercedes-Benz fuel cell car.

A Mercedes-Benz F-cell concept car is like those which will be used in DOE's on-road test by 2012.
Credit: Mercedes-Benz

DOE announced on November 29 that it will include 20 Mercedes-Benz fuel cell vehicles in the agency's Technology Validation project in the Fuel Cell Technologies Program. Overall, the automaker intends to deploy 70 fuel cell vehicles in California by 2012. The second generation, B-class Mercedes-Benz vehicles are designed to have a 270-mile driving range on one tank of hydrogen and take less than 5 minutes to fill. The project will bring vehicles with the latest technology advancements to U.S. roadways and allow DOE to validate the technologies for ultimate market acceptance.

DOE's 50/50 cost-shared project validates fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen fueling stations under real-world operating conditions. Data for 152 vehicles—including vehicles from General Motors, Ford, and Hyundai Kia, in addition to Mercedes-Benz—and 24 fueling stations have been reported to the agency's project. These vehicles have traveled more than 2.8 million miles and have shown to be durable for 2,500 hours, equivalent to about 75,000 miles. See the DOE progress alert and the Mercedes-Benz press release.