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September 15, 2010

DOE Awards $5.2 Million for Wind Forecasting and Wind Turbine Development

DOE announced on September 13 that it will award more than $5.2 million over two years to five projects that will support U.S. wind energy development. Two of the projects, focused on short-term wind forecasting, will receive a total of $3.4 million over two years. AWS Truepower, LLC will lead a project that will focus on a region of high wind energy use in Texas, while WindLogics, Inc. will lead a project targeting portions of several upper-Midwestern states. In addition, three projects will receive a total of more than $1.8 million to develop midsize wind turbines, with Clean Green Energy, LLC developing a 200-kilowatt (kW) vertical-axis wind turbine; Northern Power Systems developing a 450-kW wind turbine; and Texas Tech University developing a 500-kW model that can be tilted upward without using cranes. Vertical-axis wind turbines resemble upright eggbeaters and have maintenance advantages because the generator is located near the ground. See the DOE press release and the Web site for DOE's Wind and Water Power Program.