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August 04, 2010

Nine Cars Advance in $10 Million Automotive X Prize Test

Photo of a small, sleek car parked on a track

The Very Light Car is one of Edison2's mainstream class entries still in the Progressive Automotive X Prize hunt.
Credit: Edison2

The Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize organizers announced on July 27 that nine vehicles—from what began as a field of 136 super-efficient vehicles—are finalists for $10 million in prizes following on-track competition at Michigan International Speedway. The innovative cars, representing seven teams from the United States, Switzerland, Finland, and Germany, now move into the validation stage at DOE's Argonne National Laboratory. Argonne will perform dynamometer testing before prize money is awarded at a ceremony on September 16 in Washington, D.C.

Surviving competitors have proven their vehicles could meet the prize requirements, including getting 90 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) on the way to the final threshold of 100 MPGe, as well as passing dynamic safety and range tests. For the final on-track event, cars had to navigate 50 laps as fast as possible without exceeding 70 mph or slowing to less than 45 mph. The finalists include two internal combustion engine cars from the Edison2 team in the mainstream class; two battery electric cars from the X-Tracer team in the tandem class; and five battery electric cars in the side-by-side category from five teams: Aptera, Li-ion Motors, RaceAbout Association, TW4XP, and Zap. See the X Prize press release and the X Prize standings Web site.