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June 23, 2010

Smart EV Coming to the United States in Fall 2010

Photo of a small, two-door automobile, with 'electric drive' written on its door.

An electric version of the smart fortwo car, like this European model, will begin appearing across the United States in October.
Credit: smart USA Inc.

Smart USA, which recently debuted its smart fortwo electric vehicle (EV) in New York, will deploy a fleet of 250 of the EVs across the United States in October. The company said it will target key electrification leadership cities and DOE grant areas, but it has not yet released its list of cities. Smart USA is looking for partnerships and is targeting companies, municipalities, organizations, and individuals interested in making a passionate statement on conservation and environmental awareness. Daimler AG, which owns the smart fortwo brand, will begin full production of the EV in 2012 for the 2013 model year.

The smart fortwo EVs are powered by a 30-kilowatt drive motor and a 16.5-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery. It can be fully recharged in about eight hours with a 220-volt outlet, the type used for electric clothes dryers and other appliances, and it can also be recharged with a standard 110-volt outlet. The vehicles can reach highway speeds of 60 miles per hour and offer a range of 82 miles on a single charge. The tiny car is only 8.8 feet long, 5.1 feet tall, and 5.1 feet wide. See the Daimler press release and the smart USA Web site.