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May 05, 2010

UNEP: One-Third of Countries Have Made Progress on Climate in 2010

A new analysis of 95 countries responsible for 97% of global economic activity has found that 32 made significant improvements in the first quarter of 2010. In addition, 46% of the countries have demonstrated some improvement in climate accountability. The findings are the result of the Climate Competitiveness Index (CCI) 2010, produced by the non-profit institute AccountAbility in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The index rates countries on their climate accountability, based on a climate strategy that is clear, ambitious, and supported by stakeholders, as well as their climate performance, which tallies each country's capabilities and track record on delivering its strategy.

The CCI finds Germany, China, and the Republic of Korea to be outstanding examples of countries that have made significant improvements, while Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Japan, and France show the most consistent progress toward climate goals. The United States and the United Kingdom earn kudos for climate accountability, while Switzerland and Austria are strong on performance. But this is one index where no country has yet earned a perfect score. The UNEP and AccountAbility intend to update the new index annually. See the UNEP press release, the CCI Web site, an executive summary of the accompanying report (PDF 1.6 MB), and the full report (PDF 3.3 MB). Download Adobe Reader.