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March 31, 2010

Governors' Coalition Recommends Federal Initiatives for Wind Power

The Governors' Wind Energy Coalition, a bipartisan collection of 29 U.S. governors, released a report on March 16 that provides recommendations for developing wind energy across the country. The document, "Great Expectations: U.S. Wind Energy Development, the Governors' Wind Energy Coalition's 2010 Recommendations," calls for sweeping measures to accelerate the deployment of wind energy—measures that will also boost the deployment of renewable energy in general. The coalition says that accelerating the use of renewable resources would reduce the U.S. dependence on imported energy sources and help the environment, while stimulating state and national economic development.

Among their key recommendations, the governors call for a U.S. Renewable Electricity Standard (RES), also referred to as a Renewable Portfolio Standard, or RPS. Specifically, the group supports a national RES that requires utilities to provide a minimum 10% of their electricity from renewable energy sources by 2012. Further, the group proposes building a new interstate electric transmission infrastructure that would support renewable power both onshore and offshore. As part of its call for offshore development, the coalition backs research and development of coastal and deepwater wind power, including research to develop new types of turbines, offshore installations, and mooring techniques. Other avenues to boost wind power include streamlining the permitting processes for wind sites and expanding DOE's involvement with both states and the wind industry to speed technology innovations. Finally, the state leaders are urging an extension of the U.S. Treasury Department's grant program in place of tax credits, along with the adoption of long-term renewable energy production tax credits. See the press release from Iowa Governor Chet Culver and the governors' report (PDF 1.22 MB). Download Adobe Reader.