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March 17, 2010

Poll: Clean Energy is the Best Solution to Energy and Climate Woes

Roughly two-thirds of respondents to a new worldwide poll believe the solution to energy and climate change issues lies in developing low-carbon sources of energy, such as renewable energy, rather than reducing energy use. Accenture surveyed 9,000 people in 22 countries on the best ways to address energy and climate change issues and found that roughly two-thirds of respondents believe that using less energy is not the answer to reducing their country's reliance on fossil fuels and foreign energy supplies. Of course, the wording of the poll, which was not released by Accenture, may have influenced the finding, as people are generally in favor of more efficient ways to use energy, but don't want to be restricted in their use of energy for personal reasons, nor do they want their country's economic future harmed by draconian restrictions on energy use. That supposition is supported somewhat by the Accenture poll, which found that 90% of respondents are concerned or extremely concerned by rising energy costs, and 76% are worried about the prospect of energy shortages. Large percentages of the respondents are also concerned about climate change, air pollution, energy imports, and their country's reliance on fossil fuels. About 85% believed that more government control and intervention is required to address these energy challenges. See the Accenture press release.