This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

August 05, 2009

EERE Mobile Site Offers News, Energy Tips, and Alternative Fuel Stations

DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) has always strived to bring advanced clean energy technologies to the world, and now it is delivering some of the information about those technologies to the palm of your hand. The new EERE mobile Web site allows people with Web-enabled mobile devices to access our news announcements, the Energy Savers blog, and the alternative fueling station locator. If you drive an alternative fuel vehicle, the new mobile Web site can help you easily locate the nearest alternative fuel station, whether you drive an all-electric Tesla Roadster or a truck fueled with propane, natural gas, or biodiesel. Those with flex-fuel vehicles can maximize their use of ethanol-rich E85 by finding the station nearest to them, no matter where they are. And along with the tips from the Energy Savers blog, the mobile Web site allows you to keep up with DOE press releases, EERE Progress Alerts, and the EERE Network News while you're on the go. To access the EERE mobile Web site, simply log onto

DOE as a whole has also discovered Web 2.0, as Energy Secretary Steven Chu has launched his own Facebook page. Secretary Chu plans to use his page to explain some of the cutting edge research and technology that is laying the foundation for the next generation of clean energy jobs. He will also offer an inside look at the Obama Administration's work to ensure U.S. leadership in building a clean energy economy and confronting the global climate crisis. The Secretary of Energy has already tallied nearly 6,500 fans on his Facebook page. DOE has also launched YouTube and Flickr pages to host its latest videos and photos; the YouTube page currently features a backstage view of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where some energy efficiency upgrades are sorely needed. See the DOE press release, Secretary Chu on Facebook, and the DOE YouTube channel and Flickr Photostream.