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July 23, 2009

DOE Subpoenas Compliance Data from AeroSys, Inc.

DOE issued a subpoena to AeroSys, Inc. on July 23 to obtain data necessary to determine whether certain AeroSys commercial air conditioners and heat pumps comply with relevant DOE energy efficiency standards. The subpoena seeks detailed information about how AeroSys certified its compliance with applicable DOE standards and how it marketed its products. President Obama and Energy Secretary Steven Chu have moved aggressively to clear the backlog of energy efficiency standards for appliances, and to reinforce DOE's efforts to save energy for U.S. residents and businesses. In February 2009, the president tasked DOE with quickening the pace of energy conservation standards for appliances, while continuing to meet legal and statutory deadlines. Since then, DOE has announced a series of efficiency standards, including a final rule, issued in June, that increased efficiency requirements for certain fluorescent and incandescent lamps, saving consumers up to $4 billion per year. See the DOE press release.