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July 01, 2009

DOE Offers $32 Million to Upgrade Existing Hydropower Facilities

Photo of a small hydropower station, consisting of a concrete building with three outlet pipes extending from its side into a river. To the side of the building is a low dam and waterfall, with a bridge in the background.

DOE will invest $25 million to upgrade hydropower facilities, including small ones like this power plant in Kankakee, Illinois.
Credit:Warren Gretz, NREL

DOE issued a solicitation on June 30 that offers up to $32 million in Recovery Act funding to modernize the existing hydropower infrastructure in the United States. The funds will support the deployment of new turbines and control technologies that will increase power production while improving the environmental performance of the facilities, such as reducing fish mortality or increasing the dissolved oxygen content of the water. Grants will be competitively awarded to non-federal hydropower projects that can be developed without significant modifications to dams and with a minimum of regulatory delays.

The funding will be divided between large and small hydropower facilities, with up to $25 million going to large facilities and up to $7 million going to small facilities. The projects are expected to begin in fiscal year 2010, which starts in October 2009. Letters of intent to apply for the funds are due on July 22, and completed applications are due on August 20. See the DOE press release and view the full Funding Opportunity Announcement by searching the public opportunities on FedConnect for reference number DE-FOA-0000120.