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June 24, 2009

DOE Awards $49 Million for Clean Energy in Michigan and Iowa

DOE announced on June 22 its award of more than $49 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding to support energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in Michigan and Iowa. Under DOE's State Energy Program, states have proposed plans to prioritize energy savings, create or retain jobs, increase the use of renewable energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Michigan will receive more than $32.8 million to focus on four three-year goals: reducing energy use in public buildings by 20% by 2012, creating markets for renewable energy systems, establishing green communities, and creating green jobs. Iowa will receive more than $16.2 million to expand the Building Energy Smart Iowa Program, including funds for workforce training and public information projects. Iowa plans to provide grants of up to $100,000 to public, private, and non-profit entities across the state for energy training, with monitoring provided by Iowa Workforce Development.

The funds are part of the Obama Administration's national strategy to support job growth while making a historic down payment on clean energy. The Recovery Act appropriated $3.1 billion to the State Energy Program, giving priority to achieving national goals of energy independence while helping to stimulate local economies. For Michigan and Iowa, the new funds represent 40% of the State Energy Program funds available to them under the Recovery Act, following an initial 10% of the funds that were awarded to support planning activities. The second half of the funds will be released when the states meet the reporting, oversight, and accountability milestones required by the Recovery Act. See the DOE press releases for the funding awarded to Iowa and Michigan.